Mardhani M. Riasetiawan

Judul : GAMAcloud V 1.0 [a cloud technology architecture on the box]
Abstrak :

Technology research and business events needs support and services from information technology infrastructure with reliable and qualified levels. The cloud technology open the opportunities for enterprises and organizations to take the potential capacity and challenge for discovering the new research area and business channels. The cloud technology needs to address the challenge on high performance computation and large volume data managements. This delivering the challenge to launch the cloud architecture that well-design and well-implemented for bridging the gaps between research activities and business matters.
CloudBox is the design of cloud technology platfrom in the single box. CloudBox developed with reusable technology from the un-used PC and configure as single architecture of machines. The research use three development phases. The phase on cluster collection model is design to implement cluster environment in many node. The phase on cluster on the box will implement the architecture single architecture to run the cluster environment. The phase called cloud in the box is establishing the prototype of single system on the box. We belive this approach will addressed the need of high performance technology environment in many purposes. read more