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Computer Sciences UGM Ready to Fight in Gemastik 9 2016


UGM Contingent is currently preparing to participate in the final competition Gemastik 9 held at the University of Indonesia on 27 to 29 October 2016. From  the 35 UGM participants who has been qualified for the finals, 26 participants coming from the Computer Science department. 12 teams who will go to Depok previously have passed the first and second preliminary round beating participants from other universities in Indonesia.

Gemastik is a program of the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DP2M) DIKTI as an effort to improve the quality of students so that they can act as agents of change in promoting ICT and its utilization in Indonesia. The competition is expected to increase the creativity of students in the development of Information and Communication Technology at the National level.

This is the 9th year Gemastik activities held since 2007. In this year, Gemastik 9 come up with the theme “Enabling the Smart Society Through ICT”. Gemastik 9 main event will be held on 27-29 October 2016 at the University of Indonesia, Depok. The event in Gemastik 9 consists of a competition of ICT, Seminar, Exhibition of works of finalists Gemastik 9 and sponsors, as well as the Cultural and Performing Arts.

Competitions that are contested at Gemastik 9 are Programming, Software Development, Data Mining, Network Security and Information Systems, Animation, Smart Devices and Embedded System, User Experience Design, ICT Business Development, Games Application Development, and e-Government.

Gemastik Bootcamp has been prepared by the committee contingent of UGM to motivate the participants to give their best for UGM in this event. Gemastik Bootcamp will feature speakers and lecturers so that the finalists can consult with those who are experts in their field. Contingent Committee hoped UGM can achieve 1st winner in this competition.

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