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Computer Science Student Win Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition


On September 18th 2016, a team from Computer Science Universitas Gadjah Mada successfully won Capture the Flag (CTF) Competition as the 2nd winner. This competition was held by Compfest8 in University of Indonesia. The deadf00d team which members are M. Rizky Irfianto (2014), Randy Kusuma Putra (2015), and Axel (2015), managed to reach the podium after they got higher score than hundreds other teams.

Compfest is an annual event held by Computer Science Faculty of Universitas Indonesia. In this event, there are many IT competition to bring innovation and useful things for people, IT exhibition, seminar about IT, and Internet of Things Academy and Startup Academy to boost Indonesian youth creativity.

One of the competition in Compfest8 is in the field of Business IT. In this competition, participants are challenged to solve business problems with an innovative solution in information and technology approach. Competitive Programming Contest which challenges the participants to solve a problem using a program in a limited time and memory.

There is also Hackathon Comfest 8 themed: “A Mission to Help SME’s” with a unique concept of the competition, which is an application development competition that challenges the participants to build an application in 24 hours to solve Small Medium Enterprise (SDE) problems in Indonesia. They also have an Indie Game Ignite Competition for indie game developer to build a game without certain theme limitation.

Capture the Flag itself is a competition in network and information security field to test the skill and knowledge of the participants in terms of security assessment and vulnerability exploitation of many problems categories. Capture the Flag in Compfest 8 was themed Jeopardy CTF concept with problems from many kinds of fields lsuch as web hacking, steganography, cryptography, forensic, reverse engineering, and binary exploitation.

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